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Our Media Arts classes have been working with the Adobe Foundation in their Adobe Youth Voices program for the past two school years. With donations and support, the AYV program has enabled students to create with purpose and re-examine the media around them. Through video projects and print-based work, the students have developed skills and gained experience that will prepare them for a high tech world.

Student Work - Adobe Youth Voices
What to do after graduation is a challenge for all young people. Different pressures in our life seem overwhelming, and the magnitude of the decisions we make is apparent. This video examines how these voices that bombard young people can be supportive, destructive and conflicted. We all have to filter through the voices we hear every day. This video shows that its okay not to know what to do and that other people share your struggles.

“Reasons” is our personal statement about why we think it’s important to stay in school and graduate. All of us at one time or another have struggled in school and thought about dropping out but we have all decided, for one reason or another, that it is crucial for us to graduate. Instead of creating a cheesy PSA with paid actors pretending to be high school students, we ourselves spoke from our hearts about the real reasons we are still in school. We hope that we can not only motivate other teens to make smart decisions but also prove people wrong who think that teenagers are largely unmotivated or disinterested in making a better future for themselves and their families.

With “Today” we wanted to show the dangers of acting too much “in the moment” instead of thinking about the future outcomes and consequences. The issue of “sexting” is becoming a more and more significant problem in both our local community and the entire country. In fact, while we were shooting the video, several local news stories aired concerning incidents of teenage sexting and the consequences that followed. All of us who made this video know someone who has sent sexually explicit messages over the phone. We hope that this video shows people the dangers of making poor decisions.