Mission and Goals
The EDCO Collaborative is the Commonwealth’s oldest education collaborative and is one of the few such agencies in the nation serving a major urban center. The Boston Public Schools and eight other founding public school districts created the collaborative in 1969 for the central purpose of reducing isolation between the city and suburbs. Over the last forty years, EDCO has provided programs and services to thousands of Boston Public Schools students and staff. EDCO’s current membership is comprised of sixteen (16) public school districts. The Collaborative is a public entity governed by a Board of Directors consisting of superintendents of schools and school committee members representing each of its member communities. EDCO’s original mission is to improve education through inter-district and interagency collaboration; to provide high quality education and related services to students-at-risk; and to enhance equity, intercultural understanding, and equal opportunity in education.

The mission of EDCO Youth Alternative is to educate young people and guide them toward their goals of a high school diploma and a successful step beyond graduation. We seek to create a diverse community and supportive environment that empowers students to work through difficulties, learn academic and life skills, and become advocates for a promising future. The Youth Alternative aims to provide a full academic program, extracurricular activities, counseling, and related support services to its students, who seek a more supportive environment than those offered by a large, traditional school. Students at EDCO enjoy small, accredited classes in regular high school subjects with the goal of attaining a BPS high school diploma. An individualized case plan is developed for each student to set high and attainable goals. At a minimum, these goals include the attainment of a high school diploma and a successful step beyond graduation, toward employment, college, or advanced training. The case plan built during enrollment helps students succeed by outlining supportive personal, school, and work guidance from our instructional and student support teams.

The EDCO environment is one that emphasizes:
  • Respect for one’s self and others
  • Honesty and open communication
  • Personal responsibility for one’s own actions and progress
  • Non-violent and thoughtful resolution of difficulties
  • Tolerance of individual differences
  • Value of academic skills
  • Development of problem-solving and long-term planning skills