Who is a good fit at EDCO? The EDCO Youth Alternative serves youth pursuing a high school diploma who have dropped out of school or are at-risk of dropping out. EDCO students must be enrolled in a Boston Public high school. The youth at EDCO are representative of Boston as a whole, hailing from every neighborhood in the city. The program’s educational philosophy includes a respect for human differences and a recognition that in diversity there is strength.

In order to be successful at EDCO, we believe that students must supply:
  • Genuine motivation to succeed
  • Effort to work through adversity and engage EDCO staff for support
  • Willingness to change patterns that interfere with positive youth development
  • A “Get something” attitude rather than a “get by” attitude.
  • Willingness to work hard.
  • Commitment to EDCO’s rules and expectations.

  • Students, parents, guardians, and support workers with additional questions and concerns may feel free to contact EDCO Youth Alternative at (617-262-9562).