How To Apply The application process at EDCO consists of three in-person enrollment sessions, following initial contact by phone and the transmission of school records to EDCO.

Interested students:

A. If you are in school, talk to your guidance counselor about being referred to an alternative school through the Re-Engagement Center.
B. If you are not in school, call the Boston Public Schools' Re-Engagement Center (617-635-2273) and asked to be referred to EDCO. They will have a process you need to go through before contacting EDCO.
  1. Once you have worked with the Re-Engagement Center (REC) and they have given you a referral letter for EDCO, please call EDCO (617-262-9562) to express interest in the program.
  2. Let the school coordinator know you have been referred by the REC and that they will be receiving a fax or email from the REC with a referral letter, your transcript, attendance record, MCAS history, and IEP if applicable). Have a conversation with an EDCO staff member to review basic eligibility information.
  3. If deemed eligible based on this conversation and the academic records received by the REC, you will make an appointment to attend and information session.
  4. Attend the Information Session (parent/guardian strongly encouraged to accompany students) and take online basic skills Reading & Math tests.
  5. Student must call EDCO to request basic skills test scores.
  6. Complete application forms and provide required documentation.
  7. Attend interview with EDCO staff member.
  8. Expect phone call within days regarding application status.
  9. Attend accepted students orientation to meet teaching staff, receive class schedule, and review EDCO Student Handbook.
  10. Begin classes as an EDCO student!
Students, parents, guardians, and support workers with additional questions and concerns may feel free to contact the Re-Engagement Center at 617-635-2273 or EDCO Youth Alternative at 617-262-9562.