About The Program The EDCO Youth Alternative is an alternative high school program which offers a supportive environment for students who are Boston residents by emphasizing the importance of working individually with students to help them grow and meet their education and career goals. EDCO staff believes that given the right setting and enough time, students can learn valuable life lessons and experience positive change.

Our program links school and work sites to enable students to earn academic credit for each completed course as well as credit for successful performance. Students at EDCO take part in small, structured classes in regular high school subjects (English, reading, math, history, science, art, foreign language) leading to a Boston Public School diploma.

The EDCO Youth Alternative has a tradition of caring for and respecting its students. Students are encouraged to grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially. All members of the EDCO community (staff and students) should expect to feel safe and should expect that their person, beliefs, and opinions will be respected. EDCO staff and students are expected to contribute to creating an atmosphere of trust. The EDCO Youth Alternative has been a setting in which respect for rules is accepted by all staff and students. EDCO staff will always try to strike a balance between the rights of individual students and the general good of all students and staff.

The EDCO Youth Alternative has a 32-year track record of serving off-track youth and returning high school dropouts, making it one of the longest-standing alternative education and school-to-career (STC) programs in the nation. EDCO has the capacity to support and empower youth to achieve their educational and career goals.